Wrocław University of Science and Technology - MvLab

The project of casing for a laser machine




The MvLab Laboratory for Mechatronics and Vision Systems at the Institute for Production Engineering and Automation at Wroclaw University of Technology focuses on research and development of new methods, technologies and equipment for optical measurement and inspection of surface quality. The systems of visual quality control are used in situations where the variability of the manufacturing process is difficult to reduce, and at the same time what is required is high quality and productivity (e.g. the pharmaceutical, automotive, or electronic, industry etc.).

As the design of machine and industrial equipment casing is our element, we were very enthusiastic to undertake work for MvLab. We created a design project for an individual casing of the laser machine used, among others, to repair parts of jet engines in the aerospace industry. This task shows that we can not only carry out projects for new equipment and items from scratch, but also we can create modern projects on the basis of already existing structures.

In the case of padding for MvLab our task was to create a new image of the product with the least interference with the existing structure and ? it worked out perfectly. The device has gained a modern, refreshed appearance. Redesing helped to create a completely new version of the padding. Of course, when implementing the project we also took care of usability, so that the device is characterized by an even better ergonomics and ease of use. We split the machine into zones ? an operator zone and service area. In addition, through the stylistic efforts, the solid of the machine has been greatly slenderized.

The project realized in close cooperation with MVLab and the design department of Wroclaw University of Technology. This type of projects does not mean of opportunities of Szwarc Design ? we successfully execute such activities as: designing casings of entire production lines, or plating parts of vehicles, as well as designing casings for metering equipment.