3D printer design




Skriware is a Swedish-Polish company specializing in providing a high-quality low-cost 3D printers for both household and professional use.
The company has also developed its own web platform Skrimarket offering print-ready models and it aimed at gathering the whole community of 3D printing enthusiasts. Thanks to the efforts of corporate professionals even inexperienced users can fully explore the possibilities of 3D printing technology.




Our company has completed a project for Skrivare 3D printer designed for home use. Its innovation is the so-called ?One-click print? allowing you to print a 3D model with a single click. We were invited to join the project as soon as Skriware developed their first working prototype of the printer that they actually gave to us. Their R&D department kept working on printing and electronics components, and we took care of the design and searched for improvements in the construction and casing equipment.




Thanks to our efforts, we were able to, among others, greatly increase the working area, while maintaining the initial size of the device. The structure follows professional metal processing centers (e.g. steel), thanks to which the device is very rigid. Using a steel frame and casing improves the properties of the printer due to the stiffness and mass (it eliminates vibrations that lead to inaccuracy). What is more, we also developed a modern, attractive and user-friendly appearance of the appliance. It fits almost any interior, thanks to the aesthetics more similar to electronic equipment than specialist equipment. The closed form of the printer prevents devastation to electronics and the robust housing ? made entirely of metal ? is difficult to damage.




In addition to that, our duties included the creation of executive documentation, organization of production and casing and frames. This was not all, however. The project took part in a campaign called Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform without which there would be no Pebble watch and/or thousands of other interesting products. With joint efforts we managed to collect $100,000, which is a huge success, especially that there have been many unsuccessful 3D printers campaigns so far at Kickstarter.
We are glad that we could help achieve this success, and that such a dynamically developing company established cooperation with us in terms of its flagship and key-to-further-development product. Collaborating with a young, creative and enthusiastic Skriware team will never be forgotten.