Enclosures for vending ice cream machine




Kiecoń IM is a vending ice cream, which operate based on an energy-efficient system and thus generate minimal costs. There is also a possibility to equip selected models in the aeration technology of ice mass, which allows for considerable savings in terms of raw materials. Each machine for making ice cream from Kiecoń IM meets stringent HACCP requirements concerning food safety. A self-cleaning and disinfection program provides maintenance for the equipment and keeps it in impeccable cleanliness.
Szwarc Design in cooperation with Kiecoń IM handled the project of ice cream machines casings.


It was a 4in1 machine that made American and Italian ice-cream, yogurt and shakes. Because many people still have a problem distinguishing between Italian ice-cream and the one from the US, it is worth noting that the main difference lies in the aeration of ice mass and the temperature of production. Thus, the Italian ice cream have a relatively soft texture, and the US ice cream are more dense. Moreover, Italian ice cream may not be too high because it would not stay in the wafer; the US ice cream may be formed into narrow, high and visually effective cones.




The casing of the ice cream machine created by Szwarc Design is distinguished by modernity and timeless design. It stands out from the competition and possesses recognizable image. It is easy on the eye and has an interesting form obtained by, among others, colors divisions. It fits in perfectly with ambitious plans of the customer, who in the future would like to compete with companies supplying their machines to the largest restaurant chains in the world (like McDonald?s). The product is also characterized by ergonomics at the highest level ? we managed to improve it a lot as compared to market standards and even the best machines available (maximum viewing angle, and ?targeting? using the cone). Many manufacturers seem not to pay attention to the needs and comfort of operators of ice cream machines. We have put great emphasis on comfort of those operators wanting to create the most friendly and professional working environment.




Logistics played an important role in the project. Easy to transport, for example, by smaller buses or transport within the catering facilities (size matched with the door frame).
We also took care of ensure proper airflow and ventilation, as well as details such as the design of nozzles, i.e. augers made of stainless steel.




Finally, it is worth noting that the customer has devoted much attention to ensuring adequate quality of the final product, namely ice cream, using a series of filters that separate the air mixed with the ice mixture. Such a number of filters are characteristic of the company and the product on the market.




We have developed several projects so far for Kiecoń IM. Any contact with the client is an extremely professional and valuable experience for us, and the cooperation between our companies has been great from day one.