Landscaping products collection




Im-Production is a family company from Katowice specializing in the production of landscaping. It mainly deals with the creation of benches, garbage cans, protective barriers, galvanized black steel and stainless steel fencing. The owners make sure that during the production of their products no harmful materials or paints are used. The wood comes from authorized suppliers ? never from illegal logging of trees. Products are painted with environmentally friendly water paints.


For the Im-production company we started a comprehensive implementation of activities related to the design of landscaping collection for 2014. We designed products, created executive documentation and graphic materials for the website in the form of a 3D visualization. The result of our work are municipal seats, bike racks, city trash buckets, fencing pillars ? all of them designed according to the latest global trends in the design of landscaping. The materials used for their production are wood and steel in various finishes. The customer was presented with both budget and premium products solutions. Their important advantage is the ease of production, whereby the manufacturing process is economical, and therefore adapted to the small business capability. Importantly, our projects were adapted to the technology offered by the customer?s machinery as well as their suppliers. All offers of products are characterized by a modern style, attractive appearance and ergonomics and ease of use. We also took care of the product durability so that they are resistant to changing weather conditions and vandalism. Moreover, in the case of bicycle racks we used a two-point locking system, which significantly increases the safety of bicycles locked to them, and flexible material, which protects the bike from mechanical damage and scratches.


All products created by us look perfect in urban space, among buildings designed in an industrial style. Their design makes the Im-production company stand out against their competition, and ? consequently ? new groups of customers are attracted by their products.