New quality of accessories on the e-cigarette market




Ichii is a new Polish brand on the market of manufacturers of high-end accessories for e-cigarettes. The company?s goal is to introduce accessories with a new quality in this segment. The products offered enhance not only comfort, but above all, the hygiene of e-smoking. We got involved in a comprehensive service for the Ichii brand. We started from the research of the needs of the market and the target groups. Then we created a visual identity of the brand and graphic patterns of the products. At the end we organized a production process and created a promotional video.



Stands we designed for Ichii for e-cigarettes perfectly fit into the latest design trends prevailing on the market for this type of plastic products. Their main advantage is the ergonomics and an attractive appearance. The intuitiveness and comfort of use are provided by the shape of the base, and ? more exactly ? its interior. The funnel shape of the Ichii product makes it easier for the deposition of e-cigarette.




In addition ? thanks to its variety of colors and designs ? the product is ideal both for an elegant office, and a colorful room designed in a youth style. Creating such a stylistically versatile product is not easy, but we like challenges, especially that we can always beat them.