Universal contol panel for lathes




Fabryka Automatów Tokarskich SA (Automatic Lathes Factory) is a robust industrial company operating in Wroclaw with a tradition dating back to the 19th c. In 1998 the factory was privatized and has since been part of the Belgian HACO Group. The share capital of the company amounts to more than $9.9 m. It specializes in manufacturing lathes and special machines.
For the FAT ? HACO, Szwarc Design created the project of universal control panel to lathes line with a supporting arm.
In principle, the project was supposed to match existing products, which are distinguished by modernity and innovation, and also be the first step forward towards a new style. The task focused on achieving possibly small dimensions of the panel, and a very important aspect was to match Siemens systems that are used by FAT ? HACO.




As a result, the modern and ergonomic panel is characterized by exceptional durability ? ideal when the device has to work under tough conditions. It is made of galvanized black steel. The device has an ergonomic design and can be mounted on various types of machinery products ? up to down or left to right. What is key, on top of that our company took into account the possibility of installing two types of control knobs. We also provided an easy service access from the rear of the casing, as well as we styled the support arm so that it is consistent with the design of the housing. The design has been adapted to production capabilities (manufacturing technology) of the client and their personnel.




The project was developed in cooperation
with Tomasz Gacek Concept Design Studio