Ela Compil

FMP+ ? the Steering Head of Devices of Fire Safety Control Panel Design




For several years ElaCompil company installed security and building automation systems. It created and implemented the concept of integrated safety management points, acting across Poland. During this time it acquired a huge experience and developed its knowledge. That is why in 2006 ElaCompil significantly expanded its operations. Today is focuses on the development of new technologies, doing better at protecting people and property, significantly increasing the comfort of using various facilities. Among others, it develops modern and efficient technologies of control of fire and building automation devices. It also runs training courses for designers and creators of innovative technical solutions.




For ElaCompil we created design of the Steering Head of Devices of Fire Safety FMP+ Control Panel. The panel is a very technologically advanced device, which oversees the operation status. It can also control all fire equipment (including fire ventilation systems, fire shut-offs, etc.), as well as building automation devices (KD, SSWiN, cut-off media control systems and others). It was impossible to design the entire cabinet from scratch due to low production lots and the costs that the need for certification entailed. Despite some limitations we willingly took on the task and we developed an ergonomic controls set. In addition, we selected appropriate controls and switches. The result of our work was a high quality and durable panel that apparently distinguishes the product against other competitive products of this type. On the Client?s request, we also organized the production of all components.




As the last few years have been a period of dynamic investment, there is more and more demand for projects similar to the one we created for ElaCompil. Our knowledge of the industry ensures our projects are at the highest level. And the new customers ? as well as the ones we have had so far ? entrust us with responsibility for more than just the first task.