3 Design Lab

12-axial wire bender is gaining a new image




We often have customers come to us asking for a redesign of products they offer. This was the case with the design office called 2+3DesignLab, specializing in providing services related to the design and supply of machinery, equipment and production instruments. The office provides services in the field of machine automation and production processes. Projects and products of 2+3DesignLab go to companies involved in the production of home appliances, furniture, landscaping, internal company transportation, car parts, and cosmetics.




In cooperating with the 2+3DesignLab our task was to create a new and distinctive product image (a 12-axial wire bender). A big challenge was the condition of minimum interference in the design of the device and a short time to carry out the task. We primarily made an important zoning ? a working and operation zone as well as the service zone separated from the places of greatest danger for workers. We strongly stressed the visual quality by showing the process of operation of the machine. Our solutions also allowed for greater control of the production process and improved the safety of the machine operator.




Our project was created in a 3D environment, which measurably accelerated the design process and limited the number of possible errors. Thanks to this, we met the requirements of a tight deadline. The project consisted of the design documentation and 3D models. Thanks to the possibility of simulating the machine and its mechanisms we could easily optimize its geometric parameters and present the customer with the best possible proposal