Cryo Science - Cryo Penguin

A new generation of local cryotherapy




One of the two devices designed for the Cryo Science company, a world-class innovator and solutions provider for all cryogenic applications, cooperation with which we have already extensively described on our blog.




Cryo Penguin is a new generation device for local cryotherapy, which stands out due to its characteristic design elements, ergonomics and a high level of safety, and ? very importantly ? low nitrogen consumption. The case was designed by Szwarc Design in order to highlight the safety and the class of the device (nitrogen tank was covered by an enclosure). One of the major innovations that has been used, is to separate the unit from the cylinder. It is worth noting that in competitive products, the operator must drive the device, pull out the empty bottle and insert a nearly 50kg full one into the device. Both in the ?Penguin?, and in the bottle, we have used wheels to avoid these inconveniences and obtain maximum comfort. This is a huge improvement, especially for operators ? especially women, who until now had to carry out the exchange often assisted by another person, which was very cumbersome and non ergonomic.




?Penguin? has a touch screen which is located at the proper height for the operator ? both when he or she is standing or sitting. It also has an intuitive interface for easy operation. Moreover, we have equipped the device with a handle for easy transportation. Generally, we have paid the most attention to the comfort of the operator, i.e. the person who runs the treatments. These are, by and large, mostly women. Thus, the hose which a nitrogen vapor goes through, is attached to an arm to minimize appreciable mass which has to be operated by a therapist. In addition, the arm has been equipped with a balancer (works rolling the meter measure ), which further minimizes the force which the operator must act with. In addition, the hose always retracts, which protects it from excessive wear and tear. It is tipped with a specially designed ergonomic handle that fits both the hand of woman or a man. It carries the basic control panel for an easy operation. Importantly, the handle has laser diodes, so that the operator knows exactly at what distance should the treatment be applied to the patient?s skin.



Besides, the ?Penguin? is made of high quality materials, with great attention to detail, which is important from the point of view of both the patient and the person who applies the treatment.