Cryo Science - Cryo Artic

An innovative chamber WBC (whole body Cryotherapy)



The Arctic chamber is our second project for Cryo Science, a world-class innovator and solutions provider for all cryogenic applications. Our mutual cooperation has already been extensively described on our blog.


This chamber enables us to acquire noticeable results already after the first treatment session. One such session lasts approx. three minutes, and the manufacturer recommends a minimum session of 10 min. so that the treatment was effective and had a lasting effect. The process is carried out at a temperature of -120 to -150?, allowing to obtain the surface temperature of the skin at -2.5 ?. Thanks to these properties, it is ideal for wound healing, treatment of sports injuries and beauty treatments.



The Cryo Arctic chamber case was designed by Szwarc Design in order to highlight the innovative solutions applied by the manufacturer, security and high class and quality of this device. Given that the product is sold on the global market, we devoted a lot of attention to logistics, ease of assembly at the customer?s and servicing. To prove it let us say that, when prepared to be transported, the device fits in any standard doors and elevators, which, in this type of products, is exceptional.


The Arctic Chamber was divided into two zones ? the operator zone, behind which there is an engine room, and the patient zone, where the patient enters and undergoes treatment. The interior chamber is made of high quality materials which guarantee a hygienic use. Inside there is a speaker for communication. In addition, the patient is equipped with a special 10-inch monitor, which displays messages about the current state of treatment. As a result, the patient is fully aware of what is happening and what is about to happen. The interior of the chamber is well lit ? at the top there is a LED panel, which makes a uniform surface and illuminates the whole interior. In the lower zone there is a line of light (also LED), which illuminates the walls for the patient to feel safe (during the treatment the chamber is full of haze and not much can be seen, so without these improvements the patient would not feel very comfortable). The device has a moveable glass pane, so you can both run the WBC treatments and Cryo Sauna. Thanks to a unique system, each time the height of glass is matched to the patient?s height.


The Cryo Chamber is made of high quality materials, with great attention to detail, which is so important both to the patient and the operator. In designing the unit, we made every effort to avoid the dirt or moisture formation, etc. Therefore, the device does not have any handle, like for example the traditional door handle, but only a recess in one of the walls that allows you to easily open the compartment and it is easy to clean.