Atomic Ice

The device designed to produce ice cream with nitrogen for Atomic Ice Cream.




Atomic Ice Cream Lab?s is a company from Saudi Arabia and it is deals with creating ice cream using liquid nitrogen. The whole process takes place in front of the customer creating a curious and interesting spectacle, which finally results in excellent multi-flavored ice cream. And while many may think that it is just another machine for making Italian-type ice cream known from the streets, there is nothing further from the truth. Atomic Ice Cream Lab?s offers a premium product portion of which has to be paid for several times more. In return, we get the possibly freshest and tastiest product.
Szwarc Design has designed for the client a device designed for sales points in shopping malls, and for various events, such as mass events, or weddings.




The device is composed of two zones ? the scales and the place where the liquid nitrogen is dispensed and mixed with liquid. The project greatly focused on ergonomics and work safety for the operation workers as well as the ease to keep the device clean. Another key element was design ? because the machine had to be palatable to the eye, which aims at attracting customers.




What was important to us was to get the optically smallest form and it has been achieved through a minimalist look and slicing a portion of the device?s base. In addition, we attained here a levitation effect, since during the extraction of nitrogen the device looks as if it floated in vapor. The big challenge, which is what we like most, was to create a product so that it can operate at extremely low temperatures. So everything had to be isolated so as not to undergo frostbite.




Apart from the designer, the project development team also included a cryogenics specialist and an constructor. This project was for Szwarc Design ever more important as it was the first that our company implemented outside Europe.