Candy Kool

Nitrogen Doser




We designed a device for dispensing liquid nitrogen and allowing the formation of frozen sweets for an English company called Candy Kool that specializes in making ice-made desserts in front of the customer. One of the best-known products are marshmallows. The whole process is extremely spectacular, because the freezing procedure produces a lot of liquid nitrogen vapor.




Szwarc Design created for the client a device designed to produce desserts in shopping malls and at any event. During the process of making a dessert nitrogen fumes are concentrated in a transparent tube, which then they slowly fall. The rest of the vapor surrounds the device, which creates an excellent and attractive effect to the viewer. What is important for a user ? you can freeze a lot of products, which gives an almost infinite possibility of combinations and creation of sophisticated and tasty sundaes.




When creating a device, we made sure that it was both a sensation to the eye as well as ergonomic and operator-safe. Convenience and speed of use are of extreme importance for the use of such devices on a day-to-day basis. Appearance, in turn, attracts the attention, so strictly speaking, it provides potential customers. With the project for Candy Kool we picked special materials, since the product operates in extremely low temperatures. It is exposed to frost-bite, which would be tantamount to product?s failure or impair its work.




The customer also expected that the final product would be easy to keep clean. This aspect was particularly important because the product is in constant contact with food. It must therefore be possibly hygienic, which we also managed to achieve.
Thanks to our concepts and innovative approach, we have developed a device that is also easy to transport, which definitely makes it easier to use. You can in fact move it between the food and beverage outlets in a simple and fast way.
Due to the customer?s satisfaction with the cooperation with Szwarc Design, we cannot rule it out that we will soon cooperate again to create more innovative ice-dessert devices.