Allcomp - Unicut

A design project of the production line for the processing of textiles




The Allcomp company is a manufacturer of the Unicut brand appliances and one of the few in the world manufacturer of machines for materials cutting. Furthermore, it is also a distributor of the OptiTex software for Poland. Based on its 20 years of experience it offers solutions that automate, streamline and improve the profitability of the next steps in the manufacturing of textiles and upholstery. The rich history of deployment makes the company an expert in the pre-production and materials cutting.


For Allcomp we have created the design of the production line consisting of two products ? Cuter ? Unicut One.5 and Table Cutter ? Unicut Aero. It was a very large and extensive project that Szwarc Design successfully developed for nearly a year. It is worth noting that so far it has been our biggest project. Our task was, among others, to develop a distinctive design for the company and change the products image for the customer. The aim of the customer was to put up an equal fight with the top solutions on the market. To achieve this goal, Allcomp needed an attractive, ergonomic and innovative products. Thus, we suggested a modern and elegant image and a product that exhibits ergonomics. We created thought-out operator?s positions that facilitate their work.




Cuter ? Unicut One.5
When creating the product we worked on the basis of the final device developed by the engineering department of the Client. We were able to implement only small changes to the design, and the rest of our activities focused on redesigning the cases and other components so as to make them as ergonomic as possible. We designed an integrated system of baskets/containers, which is innovative on the market. We paid a lot of attention to the operating control panel and other functionalities, important to the operator.




Table Cutter ? Unicut Aero
Due to this product the Szwarc Design company has been involved in the process of creating a new product to offer the customer. Here we had a bigger say with the design and ergonomics of the appliance. It was designed so that the casings were very durable and resistant to the effects of eg. accidental impact by forklifts. We also designed membrane keyboards that imitate touch screens.
This product successfully pursues the customer?s goals and has been displayed at trade fairs around the world.
Designed with colaboration with
Tomasz Gacek Concept Design Studio